Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lemons + Sugar = Lemonade

By myself+2 last week and this is what happened
Heater stopped working
Spay got sick: fever, strep, pink eye, ear infection. cold
Math got sick: fever, strep throat, cold
Main water drain backed up, small flood in the basement
Snowed heavy snow, I shoveled for over 3 hours

This is what I missed
Dad’s retirement party
Achievement Days
Movie Marathon Weekend with KS
Sushi at Sakura in SLC
Skiing awesome powder at the Beav
Morning exercise pilates 
USU Echoing Traditional Ways Pow Wow
Book Club, A Wrinkle in Time
USU Hockey Tournament
Magical Moon Toys moving sale
USU Basketball game
Mum’s birthday dinner

This is also what happened last week and why last week turned out A OKAY
Ko made it home safe
The family is on the mend
Everything got fixed below budget
Mum and Dad were sad, but very supportive
Het called so I could hear the speech about my dad
I signed up for Facebook
Beat the Pit of 100 Trials
Watched the entire Durarara mini series
I caught up on Laundry
The house is disinfected
Lem brought me groceries and a huge bag of M&M’s
I stayed calm through it all

We all know the stupid saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Well what if you don’t like lemons or lemonade, what if it’s just better to put the lemons on your counter and wait until they go bad then chuck them in the trash? I missed a lot last week taking care of sick children by myself, I was bummed and I wallowed in pity for a while too. Sometimes things break for no reason and there really is nothing to learn from it. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for the good of everyone else with very little or no reward. And sometimes just sometimes the little things really do make the big things small. Last week is one that I hope never to repeat, it had a lot of potential energy, but failed to take off after Monday. After all is said and done, the lemons are in the trash and I stayed calm. Sometimes I feel that is my greatest achievement! 


Sarah said...

Okay. Thanks for joining the blogging world. And finally telling me about it. I have been meaning to call you, but phone calls are fewer and farer between these days. (my kids are loud) You guys look great! Missin' ya. Sorry about the bummer lemon of a week.

beckyc said...

When you were little we used to let you suck on lemons...maybe that is why you don't care much for lemons or lemonade. I am so sorry you had to go through such a tough week but I am happy you made it through- that is the sign of one tough mama, caring for the little ones when they are so sad and sick and then blogging...way to go LZ

Chris and Kim said...

We missed you tons last week. We will make up for it sometime. Glad everyone is doing better though.

Leslie said...

You are amazing! I wouldn't have even bothered with the snow! ;) Hope this week is phenomenally better. It was great to talk to you last week just the same!

beckyc said...

The boys look pretty sad --- I sure love M.D.s curly hair. Looking forward to some sisterhood time shopping and pedicures for sure.

ZlaChica said...

I only shoveled the walks so I could take Math to the doctors. Otherwise, I am with you, I wouldn't have touched the snow.

kmfm said...

yikes that is a lot for two little ones and a lone Momma! Glad everyone is on the mend...we have missed you pilates!

beckyc said...

would you get better all ready? spring is coming and it is time to play!!!

Heather Cook said...

Lets just make Pina Colada instead!