Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not in the local paper? Then where?

Pioneer Day is a Utah state holiday. I looked through the local paper to see if Logan was doing anything, nothing. I looked on http://www.tourcachevalley.com/home to see if there was anything going on, nothing. Then when I bring in the morning paper today it says "Women honors fallen Marine during Pionner Day parade." http://www.hjnews.com Uh yeah, stupid Logan how is anyone supposed to know about such celebrations without any form of announcements? No wonder people think there is nothing to do here, Logan never lets us in on the secret. Well whatever, the rant is over...

What we did for Pioneer Day was a lovely family bike ride on USU campus. Last Saturday our oldest kiddie learned to ride a bike without training wheels. He is a natural. Now all he wants to do is ride bikes, which is just brilliant for me since I have been dreaming of this day forever. It was one of those very content moments. Forget the parade, a bike ride was all I needed.

USU is great for riding bikes because the campus actually encourages it. The sidewalks are large, there is hardly any traffic, there are big and small hills, and the Logan city bus system will actually carry your bikes to campus for you. Awesome. USU is a great campus, but when school is in session its best to only come on the weekends or holidays, otherwise its like a stampede of Aggies getting from class to class. Just something to consider.

We were riding bikes all over campus for 2 hours. The kids were tired, but when we said it was time to go they were really sad. We got them out of there by bribing them with Pita Pit and Cold Stone for dinner. Thanks to some gift cards we got (thanks mom and dad), we were able to eat three servings on Cold Stone and three pita's for $4. Oh yeah it was a great day. To spend quality time with the family is really the best celebration ever. 

A vlog of the afternoon is coming soon. Check my youtube channel within the next couple days. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sidewalk Sale la la la Sidewalk Sale

We are now officially poorer than when this month started. We went to the "Great American Sidewalk Sale" Why they call it the "Great American" is beyond me.  Sure it's in America, and America is great, but really, we are in Utah, Logan for that matter, and not very many stores actually participate. Plus, its only in historic downtown Logan as opposed to regular downtown Logan. Well whatever, the sale prices were cheap and just to my liking. Unfortunately we spent more because it cost less. Sigh, the money was just burning a whole in my pocket, and I just felt obliged to spend it.

 Let it be known that I have been looking forward to this sale since last years got over. This is an annual sale that happens the second weekend of July. I was so excited to go that I made Ko take a half day of work so we could all go shopping. Plus he was looking for a new mountain bike and he had all but decided. Don't worry we got one at a killer deal at The Sportsman, seriously!

So how do I write this without it actually sounding like a giant advertisement? I have no idea. It just will since we went to lots of stores and spent lots of money.  We gave the kiddies $5 to spend on whatever they wanted, and they found some zhu zhu pets for $2.50 each at Coppins Hallmark. They were so excited they have been playing with them everyday since. Seriously cheap huh? We also bought a silk, day-glo green tie for Ko that only cost $5 at the Kater Shop. That's just how good a deal things are down there. See things are too cheap that we end up spending a lot more than we meant to.

I meant to make a vlog of it, but I still have a bit of shyness about recording myself in public places. I really wanted to but I am just not a mega narcissist yet. Someday :)
So now I am looking forward to next years "Great American Sidewalk Sale" in historic downtown Logan. Don't forget to add the historic, they get really mad if you don't! ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr Raindrop Falling Away From Me Now

It rained today and it just felt like this song was what it's all about. Crazy Logan weather!

Don't blame me if you are singing this song later today. Its just that fun!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cache Valley Cruise In, such a "Drag"

Lets see. We didn't go to the actual car show. I wouldn't. It was too expensive for my taste. Okay so the prices were probably cheap compared to other car shows but it was such a gap. Kids 5-17 were $1 but older than 17 was $8. What a huge price gap. I think it was too much. I don't think they should raise the price for the kids but I think they should lower the price for adults. Well, I guess I am not willing to pay to look at silly cars I know little about while the car owner stares at me. So we went to the free parade. When I say parade I mean the cool cars drag main street for an hour and a half, then after, people in their normal cars drag main. Yep. welcome to Logan where people still drag main on Saturday nights.

During this awesome interesting dull parade (they didn't even throw candy) it was really hot! I mean I was sweating at the base of my head, in the crook of my arms, and in between my toes. So when I was ready to leave I got a big speech from Spay that we had to wait until he took a picture of his favorite car.

After I turned off the camera I got a little bit more of an explanation, "the black car with the lady in it." And here it is folks, the car we had to wait another 15 minutes to see. The photo was taken by Spay.

Check out my vlog video. I took a twenty minute loop and chopped it down to just under 5 minutes. Don't watch it in full screen, the camera work is terrible. Seriously. Okay so I am not a car lover, but still this is something that happens in Logan. Gotta love summer in Logan.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Fire Fireworks for Free

Freedom isn't free, neither are seats at a fireworks show. The big fireworks show in Logan this year was really expensive. I mean it jumped from last years price of $7 to $45 a seat. I remember last year complaining how expensive it was, oh man I miss those days. Now, honestly, if the prices stay that high I don't think we will ever make it into the stadium. What's the point when you can do it on the cheap. Oddly this is what most locals did, watched the fireworks from outside the stadium.

We actually made our way to a place called Aggie Village; it's student housing for USU and it's a parking lot away from the stadium. Sweet! All along 1400 North and down to about 600 East there was a patch work of blankets laid out for most of the day. I mean there are some people who are dedicated fireworks watchers who don't actually want to pay. Anyway so we went to Aggie Village and saw a lot of friends hanging out and having fun. Something interesting is, not one person I have spoken with actually went. Most all my pals watched from various parts of Logan. Too funny! Best line of the night, Math with his ears securely covered with less than two minutes into the show, "I want to go back home! (cry a little)"
I made an accidental vlog of it. Actually it was filmed from my phone and its just the finale. Then it just seemed reasonable to upload it onto youtube. If you watch it here is a warning. I am screaming! It is so loud and annoying. I couldn't hear myself scream during the fireworks but the phone picked it up and drown out the booming of the fireworks. Just turn it down and play Katy Perry's Fireworks or maybe Neil Diamond's Coming to America. Just something patriotic. It was a great show and it was free. I think I mentioned before that I like free.