Monday, June 27, 2011

Dam like stopping water

I am not a good writer. I am not a fast rider. I like to read and ride. Hmm... what else? People gathered in Logan for a good cause and to ride serious miles on their bikes. I like making obnoxious noises involving microphones. I like to support those who work really hard for a good cause. I like to cheer, I have the potential to be a cheerleader for any cause. I really enjoyed cheering for the riders of the Best Dam Bike Ride MS 150. 
We were encouraged to bring noise makers to celebrate the accomplishment of the riders. What do you get when you download an app called "air horn" and someone offers you the microphone? You get a great noise maker! I am not one to shy away from a microphone. It was brilliant! 
I got a free t-shirt, actually I got 2 free t-shirts. I like free. I got 2 free snow cones too. I got free lunch and 2 free water bottles and 2 free super hero capes. Everything just came in 2's that day. I got all this stuff because I was a volunteer who cheered. 
I was supposed to be there to hand out free stuff and cheer the riders. I ended up cheering for the riders. I was good at that. I am good at that. Next year I want to... well we will see what happens.

Check our their website for more info: 

Oh oh oh check out my vlog too:

Sometimes this world can seem pretty crappy and crazy. But when I watched over 4000 riders finish the course for a good cause I was just so happy. There really are great people around and I got to hang out with some really good riders. I really do like to ride!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cotton Candy, er... I mean Summerfest!

Cotton Candy, the best candy there is. The perfect summer candy, its just sooooo good. I only get cotton candy three times a year, all in the summer because winter cotton candy just doesn't make sense. The first cotton candy experience was at Summerfest. What is Summerfest you say? Well I guess that depends on who you ask. For me it means cotton candy, but for others its an art festival where lots of artist try and sell their stuff. So I guess its an outdoor gallery of artists at the tabernacle with cotton candy. There is also some sort of "jury" involved, but being the common folk that I am I have no idea what that is. Here is their website, and it says that it is a juried art festival. Whatever, for me it was chance to eat outside, eat cotton candy, do "art" with the kids, and walk around looking at creative and beautiful paintings. There is something uniquely fun about eating overpriced food during a festival, I don't know what it is.
We went on Thursday and got our lunch right off. Yep it was expensive, but as I said it was fun. Then we went and got cotton candy, those things were  big. It was so big I thought the kids would puke if I let them have their own, so we "shared" but I ate most of it. :D We then headed to the Children's Art Yard. I was really impressed with their set up. Its a caged off area with lots of different craft, oops I mean art projects.

It took us a while to get through them all, looking back I have no idea why. When we left the art yard they gave the children a package of goldfish, such a great idea. I had them sit in the stroller and eat their fish. Then I got to actually browse the galleries (shops) and I didn't have to worry about them breaking anything, WIN! Of course most everything was too expensive for my taste, and my favorite artist from last year was not there this year, but it was a fine piece of art experience. Someday when things are not quite so poverty here we might be able to buy that gorgeous art work... someday, but for now it's COTTON CANDY, oh yeah! Love it! Summerfest is cotton candy! Going back next year...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It happens here it happens there

This post is not a happy go lucky post, I read a blog post from my friend's blog. Its an account of what happened to her family yesterday. I have been thinking about it since. I am not surprised its affected me so. Its always been a sensitive and much discussed topic in my home. Check out this link please

I have fortunately never had this happen to me or my boys, but that doesn't mean it won't. All I can do is try prevent it from happening. I have a real problem with trusting people and pretty much suspect everyone. With these incidences happening so close to home it makes it that much harder to trust anyone. I am who I am and I will do everything I can to protect my family and those who are innocent. 

Also below is an article from the Church News May issue:

Ours is a most beautiful world with many wonderful people living in it. Unfortunately, in this potentially happy situation are certain grim realities. Such things as never mentioned in sensitive, reverent homes must in this day be directly addressed to protect our children. While children under 8 years of age are insulated from the temptations of Satan, they are not protected from evil. Little children, we are told, "are not capable of committing sin" (Moroni 8:8) yet they become innocent targets of those most capable of committing evil.

As many agencies report increases in sex offenses, including those by relatives, parents must again increase their vigilance. One very frequent factor in criminal offences is consumption of pornography. Pornography has become almost as frequent as profanity and it proliferates among all ages. Few informed people expect any child to grow toward adulthood without viewing lewd images. Such images come in any direction on any electronic screen, passed along on any electronic storage device.
The days when parents could avoid the subject in the hope of not fostering curiosity are gone. Indeed, avoiding the subject has brought with it a generation of addiction. The posting, and consumption, of pornography is beyond anything imaginable before the Internet.
Parents remain as the last bulwark to protect the home.
What should parents do? They must be the best parents they can be. First, they must be personally righteous. Children perceive hypocrisy at 50 paces, and they imbibe error and weaknesses as through a fire hose. Parents must always cleanse the inner vessel and face their children as transparent disciples of Christ.
In His address to the Nephites, the Savior is specific: "But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman, to lust after her, hath committed adultery already in his heart.
"Behold I give unto you a commandment, that ye suffer none of these things to enter into your heart;
"For it is better that ye should deny yourselves of these things, wherein ye will take up your cross, than that ye should be cast into hell" (3 Nephi 12:28-30, italics added).
In the Joseph Smith Translation of Matthew 16:26, Jesus explains that "For a man to take up his cross, is to deny himself all ungodliness, and every worldly lust, and keep my commandments."
The importance of reliance on Jesus Christ, our Savior, Friend and Protector, cannot be overstated. Being in a position to hear and courageously act upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit will "level the playing field" and help us to rear children of strength in these troubled times.
Emphasize the basics, as are constantly mentioned by Church leaders and included in Church publications: personal and family prayer, scripture reading, regularly attending Church and the temple, fulfilling Church callings and keeping the commandments. If a family is struggling, nearly always a re-emphasis of these basics will improve the situation. Observing these basics will also help a family hold the bar high regarding what is viewed in the home.
Parents must spend time with their children. They must nurture so close a relationship with each child that the child will confide in the parent when some immoral conduct is encountered. Frequently ask about their day, their friends, good things that happened and if something bad came along.
If a response seems to warrant further questions, they needn't foster curiosity, but should reflect on what has happened with the intent of having a prevention and escape plan in place. Teach children that confiding in their parents is Step 1 in combating negative influences. Teach children that inappropriate viewing is evil and dangerous.
Questions for young children may be: Did you see something that should have been covered up? Did you feel uncomfortable? Did you see something your mother would not want you to see?
Older children might be asked more specific questions to learn if viewing occurred, when was the last time, or if someone acted out or hoped to lead them into sinful actions.
When parents discover something, they need not show surprise or act horrified, but take it in stride to the degree that communication lines remain open, and the issue is properly addressed.
Emphasizing personal responsibility is more effective than preaching in these situations. Nurture the Spirit, in such ways as listening to conference talks, good music, reading inspiring literature or serving others. In family discussion, apply gospel truths to current situations, teach by example about meaningful prayers and discuss the workings of the Holy Spirit.
These are important ways to combat the fiery temptations that increase in strength as children increase in years.
Mothers are effective at communicating with children about avoiding temptations. A mother's intuition and relentless love are important tools in helping young men — and to a lesser but nonetheless real degree, young women — avoid or recover from addiction to pornography. Fathers also play an important role in helping children navigate mortality and avoid the devastating consequences of pornography, especially by their example.
Protect against abuse by knowing your children well enough to notice a sudden change in behavior. When a happy, outgoing child becomes silent and inward, an investigation is warranted. Physical threats almost always accompany abuse.
To protect their children from the adversary, parents must have such a close relationship with God and each child that they will know what is happening in that child's world, inculcate prevention against pornography and sex crimes as you would with drugs, and be eternally vigilant.
Parents, our precious children are at risk.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DC something or other...

Facebook, (love it and hate it) has really helped me find out some of the things going on in Logan. Thanks to Al's Sporting Goods, (love it and hate it) facebook page I was able to find out about this DC (shoes) Roughing It Tour 2. It was great entertainment, we got to watch boys ride their bikes up a ramp, do flips, crash, show off, jump, and goof off all for the sake of advertising(?) DC stuff. The actual event was FREE, I love free!

They all had this look about them too, like they haven't showered and don't have clothes that fit, but that added to the whole experience. I can't imagine watching some of these guys in preppy clothes, but I think that would be really interesting. "Watch as I do this flip with a sweater tied around my neck, oh blah I just got black on my white polo." I was sad to see that only three riders had their helmets on and I don't think that they were worried about their hair. Spay actually asked them where their helmets were and why they weren't wearing them. They said they forgot them. LAME! I mean DC makes helmets don't they? Oh well, its their brains on the asphalt not mine. 

Al's Sporting Goods had a sale promoting DC items but they didn't have kids sizes (which I would have bought) Seriously Al's get some kid sizes. You have a store in Utah, which has the biggest kid population in the US, (just an assumption.) After it was over they had all the riders sit and sign a poster, which is hanging on Spay's door. They were polite and kind and glad that we enjoyed the "show." We had a great time, we really did, and wish more people would have turned out to see it. However it is summer and most of the students have been spirited away so now its quiet in Logan. Something interesting to me, I used to play a game called BMX on a very old-school handheld games system (it was my brothers) and the DC boys' tricks brought me back to my childhood and that stupid game. So much fun!

and my back made it in the picture gallery of this article: picture #9

So what next? Any suggestions?