Thursday, March 10, 2011

I called my Mom

This week was my turn to be sick. I was so sick that I didn't even look to see all that I was missing. I am still sick now, I hope this post makes sense.
Surprisingly I didn't get strep, I got a sinus infection. First off, I am sorry to all you who have had a sinus infection before. I have not and I thought that all of you who complained were "pansies." Its just a stuffy nose I thought, possibly a head ache too. I had no idea that it was so painful all over you face, that whenever you bent over you hoped that your face would just fall off. I had no idea it could swell so much that you can't really open your eye. I had no idea it can imitate a toothache and mimic the flu affecting the entire body. I am sorry sorry sorry! I have learned my lesson.
Its also ironic where I have the sinus infection because less than two years ago I had my nose fixed, not a real nose job just a deviated septum fix. I broke my nose when I was little and as it healed it completely shut off my left nostril. (TMI? maybe) Anyway for over 20 years my left side of my face was sitting completely unused so when it got "opened" it was like a little kid nose in a very grown up environment. It got an infection, a really awful infection... I hurt.
My hubby has been fantastic, he has been able to stay home from work to take care of the kids and me. He is awesome, incredible, stupendous, rad, groovy, everything good! He helped my out while smiling and never complained at all. I told you he is AWESOME!
Sometimes, though, a girl just needs her mom. I called her to for the sole purpose of getting some sympathy.

Me: Hi mom, I am calling to get symphony, I mean sympathy

Mom: What's wrong?

Me: I am sick, I got a sinus infection
Awesome Sympathy Givers

Mom: Oh sweetie you poor girl, have you gone to the doctors?

Me: Yes (extremely whiny)

Mom: OOOO ooo ahh you poor thing, they are the worst

Me: Yeah they are horrible I had no idea

Mom: There there, (insert awesome mom advice to help out with pain, fever, and discomfort)
Mom: Did I give you enough sympathy?

Me: Yes mom you are the best, thanks for the symphon... sympathy. I keep messing those two word up, I love you mom!

Me: Ko, sometimes a girl just needs her mom, you are the best ever too!

Thanks to everyone who gave me sympathy too. Sometimes just hearing the infamous "there there" is a great boost toward healing. I hope to be completely better by next week because I have a lot planned that  I do not want to miss!

Go away you foul germs! I don't want you in my home anymore! Fear the medicine, vitamins, and soap you beasts! Die Die Die!


beckyc said...

On that note, I hope you got outside today and soaked in some vitamin D and some wonderful sunshine. Sometimes it just takes a sunny day, guess that is why it gets sung so many times on Sesame Street. I really do hope you feel better very soon...Love always

Chris and Kim said...

You know, our mom is probably the only person that can make me feel better when I'm feeling down. She is so amazing, loving, and gives so much service. I am glad that we have her.

Get better soon!

The Nelsons said...

I hope you are feeling better. Sinus infections suck and Kellie gets them a lot. We are going to get her sinus' checked out because she has so many. Anyway - things have got to be getting better for you (if you play the odds). Love ya.

kmfm said...

Hope you are feeling better this week! We missed you this morning. Glad your boys came home with 8 balls yesterday. That was a really fun event. We were on the opposite side as you. Finnegan got one ball and Maggie got one too, but only because a kind college student let Maggie pick one out from her stash. Hopefully, we will get to see your cute face next Friday AM!

Joni said...
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Joni said...

Hi, I love this post - not because you have a sinus infection but because of the reference to your nose which brought back the funniest memory for me. Remember the "broken lighter" at Utah Service? Are you sure that didn't have something to do with your nose? Anyway - I saw this address on the video you posted on FB. I hope it's ok that I blogged stalked you. (I had to delete the previous post b/c I mentioned a sorry)