Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have been Banffed!

But I am not completely satisfied, I want more! We are going back next year for sure and we are going to go to both nights.

If you want to know what the Banff Mountain Film Festival is check out their website or or their youtube channel "The Banff Centre" If you go to youtube you get to see clips of some of the movies we watched. The clip below is the opening sequence of the world tour.

I know I can describe it with one word: FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!

I was blown away by the sheer awesomeness! The movies were fantastic, awe inspiring, and motivating. After the fourth movie I was ready to go skiing, biking, swimming, hiking, parking in a carpark, etc. I want to do it all because I have seen it all. The movies made it seem like anyone could do anything, that I can do anything, I just have to do it! Roz Savage, one of the filmmakers for Banff said, "Don't waste mental energy asking yourself if you can do something. Just do it. You'll surprise yourself."

Tell me, what are you going to 'just do'?

Thank you random stranger for taking our picture!

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John and Jenny said...

That is a great picture! You both look fantastic!

beckyc said...

I wish I had the courage it takes to do some of the extreme things I saw in your video. It took my breath away. Scary but exhilarating!!!

rainshine said...

Hey Z, You guys should check out the Pow Wow this weekend @ the Nelson Feildhouse. $3 for adults, 7 and under - free. Also, the USU hockey team will be playing here in Logan @ Regionals in the Eccles Ice Arena. They really rock!!! Just some fun ideas that we like.

Chris and Kim said...

You could come to my house because Banff is in Salt Lake for the next two days. I like the guy during your first interview(after the 3 movies) that was trying to figure out who you were talking to.