Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Comic Book was Better than the Movie

I am just going all sorts of crazy now that we have internet of our own. I just published my first vlog (video blog) on Youtube.


copy and paste the link

I am doing the blog and the vlog to coincide with each other. Because where ever tourist go so do a video camera and a regular camera. In essence I am making you all watch my "slide show" after an awesome trip! You could only be so lucky!

I know I am being a narcissist right now so if you haven't signed up on youtube do it, its free. Free is good... so are good ratings and fun comments. Also I would love to know what you think because lets face it, I am totally fishing for compliments... :)

yup yup total narci

One more thing... let me know what you think would be fun to do if you came here for a vacation.

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