Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a Hockey Game, FIGHT!

I think it's the smell that gets you when you first walk into the ice arena. It is a super smelly sport. Then to add to that some of the players don't wash uniforms, underwear, hair, etc. STINKY! Something that is not physically stinky but still stinks, USU hockey is a club sport so it doesn't have the funding that recognized sporting event do. The price to get in isn't bad but it has potential to get really expensive depending on how many games you attend.
On with the game, it was USU vs UofU, an in-state rivalry that was sure to be awesome. We were a half an hour late (no surprise to those who know us) but the game hadn't started so we were lucky. After finding some seats we sat down to watch the game, okay I sat down to watch the game. Spay and Math climbed all over the benches and railings, they watched the game like most children do.
I said smile, like this.

actually watching the game, kind of

new shirt says: U can't Stop Us

During the second period Ko showed up straight from work. He was wearing a very red shirt so he bought a new shirt at the game. Having kids at a sporting event is much easier with two parents instead of one. One was able to watch the game while the other kept an eye on the kids. We switched turns often, but as it happened every time USU scored a goal I was watching the kids. No worries I made it up in the end. The game was actually quite tame. Only two fights and the fans were really quiet. The cheer of choice was "Lets Go Aggies" clap clap clap. Repeated over and over and over and over and over and over. But what do you expect cheerleaders don't come to these event. Out of the two fights the one that was the best put two players for the U into the penalty box and three players from USU. I think they called it UofU power play but nobody scored during those two minutes because each team was seriously dinged with lack of players. 

breaking up the fight
After the second period and all of the "half time" activities I was thinking about going home. It was late, kids were tired, USU was winning, and it was cold, but Ko convinced me that hockey games can change in just a few seconds. Plus I had to pay to get in, $5 each, when I pay for something I usually stay to the end. I hate wasting money. We stayed, and by the time the game ended USU had scored again and UofU had caught up, they were tied 5 to 5. It's time for SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME. We settle down into our seats for a 5 minute overtime, we see the puck drop and 20 seconds later USU SCORES USU WINS! Yep I got to see that goal. It was awesome!

we won, yeah!
Some things to think about for the next hockey game. Show up early, that way we can get good seats, but our seats were good because the children were able to climb around without upsetting too many people. However benches get uncomfortable after 2+ hours. Wear layers, its cold in the arena, it has to be, you are sitting in temps equivalent to winter. I should have worn my USU sweatshirt over my coat (my coat is red and white, U colors, I took it off and put it on the floor.) I also suggest bringing gloves for everyone and possibly hats, they don't need to be ski gloves and hats, just something to cover the hands and head. Oh and bring a cushion or blanket to sit on, the benches are cold too. Finally, bring your voice, the louder the crowd the better the atmosphere. It's hockey, you can shout anything, HOT DOGS! and fit right in. 

What are some of the funniest things you have ever yelled or heard at a sporting event?


Chris and Kim said...

I used to go to tons of hockey games. I would be cheering like everyone else, but when I would hear my teams fans bashing on my team I would usually turn around (I was on the front row) and start yelling at the person ragging on my team and telling him he couldn't do better. I never realized that I had such a temper. You don't mess with my team :)

The Nelsons said...

Monkeys eat fish tacos! Hockey is so fun to let off steam.