Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chaco Wars

Today was the second day I was able to wear my wonderful Chacos this year. I was so happy it was like visiting an old friend and finding that all is well. I suppose you can say that spring is here.

Hello Chacos my old friends
For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, it's a shoe, well a sandal, that is sturdy like a shoe. They are my favorite sandals I have ever worn.

So last summer for those of you who saw me, I had a pretty awesome Chaco tan line on my feet. Weirdly they didn't fade all the way during the winter, that is unusual for me. However I hope to get a dark Chaco line this summer so I was wondering if any of you out there that wear Chaco or similar shoes if you want to have a Chaco tan line war with me.

Take a picture of your feet this week (March 31) without your shoes on and send it to me, then at the end of the summer (August 31) send me another picture of your feet without shoes on. I know that I have converted a lot of my family to Chaco wearing, but any sandal that leaves a line will be fine to join.

Good luck, and may the best tan line win...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To my past self...

Today is Tuesday almost a week since you were supposed to post an update. What is the deal with you skipping Wednesday? It's not like it's Thursday... I could never get a handle on Thursdays. So I am just here to tell you that your week is going to have a lot of things go wrong.

Starting with painting your kitchen. It won't take you only two long days as planned. It will take you five long days. You will not get to sleep before midnight until the following Sunday. You will step on paint and make foot prints all over the floor that are a pain to clean up. Then the paint will stay on your feet until today when you will sit in the shower and scrub and scrub and scrub.

After you finish painting you will spend all day cleaning your house and putting it back together because you are having guest over for the weekend. You will clean from the moment you wake up until five minutes before they get here.

You do have a great time with your guests. The sun is shining and you get to go down to Salt Lake City and eat at 5 Guys Burgers and shop at Pottery Barn Kids. Then you learn a new card game named Uker, it's hard to explain but simple to play. You lose miserable every time you play.

On Sunday when the minutes are rushing past and you were going to be on time to church for the first time this year, something terrible happens. You put a whole in your tights... just throw them away... fixing them will lead to black nail polish spilled all over your bedroom carpet. The smell is stronger than your recently painted walls. The whole family was late for church.

Finally on Tuesday as you are blow drying your hair, with the intent of actually getting ready for the day, your blow dryer will explode and trip the fuse in the breaker box. Fortunately you had your house rewired last year and instead of your whole house being out just your bathroom is and you know how to flip the switch.

Also you were supposed to take your kids skiing today but it's sun-shining and you just don't want to.

Good luck tomorrow when you are supposed to post, think of something great to write about. I am pretty sure since you lived this week that I am warning you about, you will find the fun things that happened too.

Friday, March 16, 2012

This is a Story of a Girl...

There once was a girl that you all know, okay it's me.

Right now I look a little like this...

Pretty soon I am going to look like this...

But don't worry in September I will look like this...

So YES this is an announcement, we will soon have one more Moore. We are very happy, but the boys are incredibly excited. If you want to learn more give us a call and talk to Math or Spay they can tell you all about it. 

Also I know I don't look like Barbie, well at least when I look in the mirror, otherwise I am one fine looking plastic doll. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you going skiing today?

My friend asked me if I was going skiing today. I had to be honest. I am totally burned out of the snow plow. I am tired of the magic carpet and the Little Beaver lift. I can ski down those runs backwards, and I do quite often. I think I have forgotten how to use my ski poles and how it feels to ski down a black. I am just kiddy hilled out.

This season has taught me a lot. I finally understand why my dad would hang back on the mountain to "watch us" ski down first. There are two reasons I have concluded...
1. To pick us up when we fall, it's a lot easier to get to your kid when you are above them then when you have to hike back up to get them
2. That way you can actually sort of ski beyond the ski plow.

Lets just say the outside of my quads are quite developed this season. I am not burned out from skiing, and I am planning on going this week. I just couldn't bring myself to do it today... maybe Friday?  I do love Beaver Mountains and all of it's lifts, I am excited to ski with my kiddies and I love doing it, but today was just not one of those days. Happy Lazy Wednesday!