Friday, March 18, 2011

20,000 Bouncy Balls and a Helicopter, Really!

Did you know that when you drop 20,000 bouncy balls out of helicopter hovering at 100ft above the ground, the balls will reach the speed of 55 mph? I didn't either! I learned pretty quick when one of those  bouncy balls hits me in the face.
We went to an event at USU called "20,000 Bouncy Ball Drop" I had first heard about it through a friends facebook page, even before I signed up for my own facebook account. I had it on my calendar for a long time and I was getting nervous that we wouldn't be able to make it since my family had come down with different illnesses everyday (it felt like that anyway) well my kids were still sick, but we went anyway and I think the fresh air did everyone some good. 
We got there a half an hour early and there was already a huge crowd, but by the time it started it was an even bigger crowd. It was a very successful event. They tried to rally the crowd but their sound system failed to reach where we were, still there was excitement buzzing in the air. Then we waited... I will take the time to note that my boys were absolutely fabulous. I was shocked a bit by how well they waited, with the excitement bubbling within them to see a helicopter and to get bouncy balls they were practically bouncy themselves. When the helicopter arrived the anticipation grew and people began screaming and yelling and whooping. It was an incredible feeling.  And then, And Then, AND THEN they dropped the bouncy balls out of the helicopter. It was fun to see and incredible. I guess I didn't know what to expect and when there is no expectations I was not disappointed. I would say I was elated, like I was seeing something that has never been done, that was shared only with the few thousand that were there. 
Because of where we were the balls bounced right toward us, and they didn't slow down until we got hit. That was the only way we got any bouncy balls to be honest. Yes I did get hit in the face twice and and all over the body a lot. I went from enjoying it to trying to protect my kids from the speeding bullets, i mean bouncy balls. I am happy to report that my kids were completely unharmed. With 20,000 bouncy balls available we came home with only 8, I think that was also a success.

You know, it was an incredible event and I am so very happy that we went. I was happy to be a part of such an unique fun activity all in the name of science. Congratulations to the geeks of "Geek Week" you appealed to the masses and put on a great show. Bravo, Encore!

To probably get a more thorough perspective, here is the link to the Herald Journal article about this event. 
Also here is a link to my Vlog

Have you ever been to something so bizarre it made you feel even awesomer because you were able to say "Yes I was there, I saw it too"?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I called my Mom

This week was my turn to be sick. I was so sick that I didn't even look to see all that I was missing. I am still sick now, I hope this post makes sense.
Surprisingly I didn't get strep, I got a sinus infection. First off, I am sorry to all you who have had a sinus infection before. I have not and I thought that all of you who complained were "pansies." Its just a stuffy nose I thought, possibly a head ache too. I had no idea that it was so painful all over you face, that whenever you bent over you hoped that your face would just fall off. I had no idea it could swell so much that you can't really open your eye. I had no idea it can imitate a toothache and mimic the flu affecting the entire body. I am sorry sorry sorry! I have learned my lesson.
Its also ironic where I have the sinus infection because less than two years ago I had my nose fixed, not a real nose job just a deviated septum fix. I broke my nose when I was little and as it healed it completely shut off my left nostril. (TMI? maybe) Anyway for over 20 years my left side of my face was sitting completely unused so when it got "opened" it was like a little kid nose in a very grown up environment. It got an infection, a really awful infection... I hurt.
My hubby has been fantastic, he has been able to stay home from work to take care of the kids and me. He is awesome, incredible, stupendous, rad, groovy, everything good! He helped my out while smiling and never complained at all. I told you he is AWESOME!
Sometimes, though, a girl just needs her mom. I called her to for the sole purpose of getting some sympathy.

Me: Hi mom, I am calling to get symphony, I mean sympathy

Mom: What's wrong?

Me: I am sick, I got a sinus infection
Awesome Sympathy Givers

Mom: Oh sweetie you poor girl, have you gone to the doctors?

Me: Yes (extremely whiny)

Mom: OOOO ooo ahh you poor thing, they are the worst

Me: Yeah they are horrible I had no idea

Mom: There there, (insert awesome mom advice to help out with pain, fever, and discomfort)
Mom: Did I give you enough sympathy?

Me: Yes mom you are the best, thanks for the symphon... sympathy. I keep messing those two word up, I love you mom!

Me: Ko, sometimes a girl just needs her mom, you are the best ever too!

Thanks to everyone who gave me sympathy too. Sometimes just hearing the infamous "there there" is a great boost toward healing. I hope to be completely better by next week because I have a lot planned that  I do not want to miss!

Go away you foul germs! I don't want you in my home anymore! Fear the medicine, vitamins, and soap you beasts! Die Die Die!