Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Cold, So Uber Cold!

Funny this week, I can’t go outside. It’s not because of the terrible air quality but baby it’s cold outside.

Lucky for me I love video games. LOVE Love love them. I like all sorts but mostly games that have a story a long with it. One of my all times favorites is Kingdom Hearts series, its Final Fantasy meets Disney, sounds lame but it’s so totally awesome. My friend, Lem, her favorite is Legend of Zelda. Because we are both "gamers" we decided to switch to find out what was so great about our respective games. I totally got into the whole Legend of Zelda thing. I played four games out of the series because that is all that were available to me.  Lem on the other hand was not so enthused (didn't finish the first one)

To help Lem get into Kingdom Hearts again I compiled a list of similarities and differences of the two. I think you will be surprised at what I came up with. I hope this will help her decide that Kingdom Hearts is a truly epic game worth playing again.

Sora & Link can be friends
*Save the Princess(es)
*Save the World(s)
*Save Friends
*Pure Hearts
*Incredibly young boys
*Predestined path to heroism
*Uses magic
*Side Stories within Villages
*Somewhat annoying travel companions
*Travel companions restore health
*Fight monsters
*Fight some humans too
*Bitter Sweet Endings
*Storyline Games
*Made in Japan

Sora vs Link FIGHT!
*Playstation vs Nintendo
*Complex Controls vs Simple Controls
*Linear Story vs Recycled Story Line
*FF and Disney Characters vs Zelda Specific Characters
*Key Blade vs Sword and Shield
*Fighting Companions vs Lots of different Weapons
*Spoken Lines vs No Lines just Yells
*Sora is Sora vs Link can be any Name
*Better graphics vs Getting better graphics

What do you do when its cold outside? What are some of your favorite games?

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Chris and Kim said...

I like Kingdom Hearts, but it takes a long time to figure it out and the fights are harder and longer than Zelda. Both games you just run around forever. Can't wait to play them both when you come for a visit.