Monday, January 23, 2012

The problems with

The problem with a doing stuff blog is I am doing stuff.
The problem with doing stuff is I am so tired by the time the event is over I just want to sit.
The problem with sitting is it's not in front of the computer.
The problem with not being in front of the computer is that I forget to blog about doing stuff.

To quote (sort of) one of my favorite books, The Princess Bride,

"What with one thing and another, three [months] passed."

I have decided to make this a whatever I feel like doing and saying blog. I felt unwarranted pressure to get videos out and to blog so much that it became a burden not a release. I want this to be fun. Seriously. So...

The problem with a doing stuff blog was that it was too rigid and not fun doing stuff.

This is my blog and mine only. Its my party I can dance if I want to.