Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SPOILER ALERT: I know the ending...

They split the prize money between the top four finalist of each heat and they all lived happily ever after...

Can I really write about this since it happened a over a month ago.  I guess it doesn't matter, its my blog. I went to the demolition derby with several of my family members. (Super awesome fun) We had a great time watching, then someone flipped over and we had almost all the energy sucked out of us. Then it came back, just in time for the power outage to end it all. Of course for those of you who know, my family is very stubborn when it comes to rain. We will stick it out no matter what, but why? I mean we never actually play when its all over. (Remember Deer Creek my family?)

I didn't actually take any pictures with the regular camera, I was busy video recording things. I did sit next to a professional photographer, Heather from Cook Photography. Check her blog soon to see if the pictures are up. (I will update this later so it goes directly to her website page with the pictures on it) I am excited to see them soon.
We had a fun flip over but the guy didn't have a roll bar so it crushed his cab. It took forever to get him out. I do feel a bit guilty for cheering when he went over because he could have been hurt, but when I found out he was okay, that went away. Nonetheless my younger sis took a picture of us being guilt ridden...

So how did I find out how it all ended? I have recently communicated with some guy on Youtube who was a driver in the first heat. He said they split the money between the 3 heat winners since the power went out. I just felt like I couldn't really blog about this until I knew how it all ended.

  • I was there too, it took forever to get him out. Sucked the excitement out of the air. Still, glad he was okay.
  • @zlachica Yeah I totally agree I guess it was better to end the show by power outage than by death or serious injury. I drove the pacman #23 suburban in the 1st heat.
  • @djclue1987 Was there a winner? I always wondered how they determined the "final" winner that night. Don't you get money for winning? I was cheering for #31 (because he stalled in front of my seat, and he responded to my cheering) but I remember your car because it had a video game reference on it.
  • @zlachica Yeah my truck was in the same round (heat) as #31. I have a video of it, in my other videos. The winners do get money. They take the top 3 winners from each round and give them money. The top 4 from each round advanced to the championship round, but because of the power outage they just split the winnings 12 ways to all the drivers who would have been in the championship round.

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