Friday, September 16, 2011

The most Dramatic, Interesting, Next Chapter Ever!

I have a small problem... I like watching entire television series into the wee hours of the morning. Its not just TV shows, it's books, and video games too. Why can't I stop after 1 episode? Why can't I just turn it off and walk away? AHHHH! I am so tired.
I like mornings, but just because I stay up until 6 AM does not make me a morning person. I have always been a night owl. I prefer staying up late to getting up early. I just take it too far sometimes.
For instance, just yesterday/today I finished a television series. We don't have any sort of cable so I watch television shows online or on DVD, therefore I can watch the whole series and all the episodes at once. I can't help it, it's a crazy cycle. The last episode ends on a cliff hanger, then I say to myself (in my mind) I will only watch the first five minutes of the next episode, to see what happens with the cliff hanger, but by the time I look up I am already 30 minutes into it. Ahhhh! Then I usually only have 15 minutes left so why not finish it and then it ends on another cliffhanger AGAIN... I seriously did that cycle SEVEN times last night. Yes, that is seven hours, I am really pathetic. I do this with books too, just a couple paragraphs of the next chapter and then NINE chapters later I am still reading. JOY!
The crazy part about all of this, it's not the hours, it's the fact that I have such an urgency and excitement to finish off the drama/book then I feel sad at the end (regardless of the ending being happy or sad.) It's like having to say goodbye to a very good friend, like coming home from an incredible vacation, like realizing that life is actually quite dull in comparison. I miss my superficial, imaginary friends I made on the show. I miss the adventures and the all knowingness of their lives. I miss the world where magic really happens and love is as great as a musical montage.

Ready for a long night, not shown is my food and drink stash...

So now I am utterly exhausted, trying to figure out how to function in reality.  I constantly think of my new, really great friends and their really great story. Then I come to a realization, I have a pretty great life because of the steady routines and the love of my family. YEAH for dramas and great books. But really YEAH for my own life and lack of drama... I am one step closer to being completely content.

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Sarah said...

I have this problem in a different way. I am really trying harder to control it, and it's been going well. And I feel the same way. Yay for my family and all that I have.