Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Pool Party la la la

And so marks the end of the summer... why you ask? Well, it's because the Logan Aquatic Center is officially closed... sob and cry... scream at the sky... Why the dramatics? Well, when am I not dramatic? I love summer, I love the heat, I love wearing my Chacos, I LEARNED to love my swimming suit...

I spent a lot of time, this summer, at the pool. I went with some cute ladies to water aerobics, which had a  super spastic instructor.  I played in the sun with my kiddies a lot. I hung out with some great friends. I got sunburned twice, but my kiddies stayed beautifully white. I don't understand that about me, I slather on several coats of sunscreen on the kids and somehow seem to forget to put it on me. Duh!
photo by Kate

As is with everything I finally got our beach bag figured out on the last trip there.

Stuff found in the beach bag:
Swim Diapers
Lip Balm Sunscreen
Hair Ties
Boca Clips
Pool Toys
Candy: for friends your with and friends you make
Water Bottles
Extra Money

I spent most of my time in the kiddie pool, which is huge, but I got a lot of exercise in the deep end. I never went down the "super fast" slide, but I got a lot of runs on the "twisty and slidey" slide. Thank you Logan Aquatic Center for the fabulous moments we had at the pool. I will definitely see you next year! Good bye summer, I already miss you...

PS I never made a video while at the pool. Maybe next year when I am in totally awesome shape... probably not.

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beckyc said...

what a fun place to hang out...and enjoy the summer sun. Cute pictures...wish Springville had one of these ... better yet, wish Moscow did!