Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DC something or other...

Facebook, (love it and hate it) has really helped me find out some of the things going on in Logan. Thanks to Al's Sporting Goods, (love it and hate it) facebook page I was able to find out about this DC (shoes) Roughing It Tour 2. It was great entertainment, we got to watch boys ride their bikes up a ramp, do flips, crash, show off, jump, and goof off all for the sake of advertising(?) DC stuff. The actual event was FREE, I love free!

They all had this look about them too, like they haven't showered and don't have clothes that fit, but that added to the whole experience. I can't imagine watching some of these guys in preppy clothes, but I think that would be really interesting. "Watch as I do this flip with a sweater tied around my neck, oh blah I just got black on my white polo." I was sad to see that only three riders had their helmets on and I don't think that they were worried about their hair. Spay actually asked them where their helmets were and why they weren't wearing them. They said they forgot them. LAME! I mean DC makes helmets don't they? Oh well, its their brains on the asphalt not mine. 

Al's Sporting Goods had a sale promoting DC items but they didn't have kids sizes (which I would have bought) Seriously Al's get some kid sizes. You have a store in Utah, which has the biggest kid population in the US, (just an assumption.) After it was over they had all the riders sit and sign a poster, which is hanging on Spay's door. They were polite and kind and glad that we enjoyed the "show." We had a great time, we really did, and wish more people would have turned out to see it. However it is summer and most of the students have been spirited away so now its quiet in Logan. Something interesting to me, I used to play a game called BMX on a very old-school handheld games system (it was my brothers) and the DC boys' tricks brought me back to my childhood and that stupid game. So much fun!

and my back made it in the picture gallery of this article: picture #9

So what next? Any suggestions? 


kmfm said...

Fun! I wish we would have known about that...the kids would have loved it!

beckyc said...

Very fun to watch your vlog and the extra little comments you added...and we always love to see Spay and MD. What a fun activity to attend - even if they played lame music