Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cotton Candy, er... I mean Summerfest!

Cotton Candy, the best candy there is. The perfect summer candy, its just sooooo good. I only get cotton candy three times a year, all in the summer because winter cotton candy just doesn't make sense. The first cotton candy experience was at Summerfest. What is Summerfest you say? Well I guess that depends on who you ask. For me it means cotton candy, but for others its an art festival where lots of artist try and sell their stuff. So I guess its an outdoor gallery of artists at the tabernacle with cotton candy. There is also some sort of "jury" involved, but being the common folk that I am I have no idea what that is. Here is their website, and it says that it is a juried art festival. Whatever, for me it was chance to eat outside, eat cotton candy, do "art" with the kids, and walk around looking at creative and beautiful paintings. There is something uniquely fun about eating overpriced food during a festival, I don't know what it is.
We went on Thursday and got our lunch right off. Yep it was expensive, but as I said it was fun. Then we went and got cotton candy, those things were  big. It was so big I thought the kids would puke if I let them have their own, so we "shared" but I ate most of it. :D We then headed to the Children's Art Yard. I was really impressed with their set up. Its a caged off area with lots of different craft, oops I mean art projects.

It took us a while to get through them all, looking back I have no idea why. When we left the art yard they gave the children a package of goldfish, such a great idea. I had them sit in the stroller and eat their fish. Then I got to actually browse the galleries (shops) and I didn't have to worry about them breaking anything, WIN! Of course most everything was too expensive for my taste, and my favorite artist from last year was not there this year, but it was a fine piece of art experience. Someday when things are not quite so poverty here we might be able to buy that gorgeous art work... someday, but for now it's COTTON CANDY, oh yeah! Love it! Summerfest is cotton candy! Going back next year...


kmfm said...

emmmm...cotton candy :)
I loved the hammock chairs! and I loved the girly art that was in a shop along main. She had paintings that were a lot of pink and teal with you remember that booth? I loved her stuff last year too, but like you...we just get to look at the pretty art at the moment. hope your day is nice. Both kids are napping at the moment and I have gotten NOTHING done! I need to sign off an at least attempt to do something! hugs

Sarah said...

LOVE summerfest. Miss summerfest. Miss you.