Monday, June 27, 2011

Dam like stopping water

I am not a good writer. I am not a fast rider. I like to read and ride. Hmm... what else? People gathered in Logan for a good cause and to ride serious miles on their bikes. I like making obnoxious noises involving microphones. I like to support those who work really hard for a good cause. I like to cheer, I have the potential to be a cheerleader for any cause. I really enjoyed cheering for the riders of the Best Dam Bike Ride MS 150. 
We were encouraged to bring noise makers to celebrate the accomplishment of the riders. What do you get when you download an app called "air horn" and someone offers you the microphone? You get a great noise maker! I am not one to shy away from a microphone. It was brilliant! 
I got a free t-shirt, actually I got 2 free t-shirts. I like free. I got 2 free snow cones too. I got free lunch and 2 free water bottles and 2 free super hero capes. Everything just came in 2's that day. I got all this stuff because I was a volunteer who cheered. 
I was supposed to be there to hand out free stuff and cheer the riders. I ended up cheering for the riders. I was good at that. I am good at that. Next year I want to... well we will see what happens.

Check our their website for more info: 

Oh oh oh check out my vlog too:

Sometimes this world can seem pretty crappy and crazy. But when I watched over 4000 riders finish the course for a good cause I was just so happy. There really are great people around and I got to hang out with some really good riders. I really do like to ride!


kmfm said...

your too cute! My Aunt has MS, so my family rides this ride in Wisconsin every year.

Sarah said...

You're so awesome cheerleader.