Friday, April 15, 2011

Total Hypocrite

Yep thats me. I am a hypocrite! Here is why. I want it to snow. Yes I hate the cold, hate hate hate! I will admit that I have been "California Dreamin" since October. But I just did something that I have personally never done in my life. I bought a season pass to a ski resort. WHAT? I have always wanted to be an all seasons, outdoor family, but we have been turning into an all seasons, couch potato family. Sigh. I mean when were we going to be outdoors? When was it supposed to happen? We have to make it happen right? RIGHT?
In my first vlog  ( I said, "The locals call it the Beav, you've got to ski the Beav." Well I missed last season, actually, I used my kiddies as a crutch for not going. Its too hard with kids, my kids don't listen, whine, they won't be warm, cry, its too much money for three hours of skiing... etc etc etc. I was pretty sure everyone would understand, and most people did, but then I met and became friends with kmfm. She is an inspiration. Her family is about the same ages and circumstances as ours and she went skiing A LOT last season. She told me a secret that I, as a local, am ashamed that I did not know. If you buy an adult season pass any child pass under 5 is FREE!!! Yep Spay and I are going skiing come December, November if we are lucky!
"Try and smile big okay?"
Worst ID picture ever, EVER!
But what about Ko and Math? Well Ko is a student at the University so he gets the "spring discount" until November. Lucky! We didn't want to lay down that much money in one setting (its awful to part with so much at one time) so he is waiting until the Beaver office opens again in October. Then we will get Math's pass too! I have gone through many emotions since bringing home my pass, oops, excitement, worry, what if, giggly, sick, hyper. Lets just say normally I am too cautious about the future. I mean a lot can happen in 8 months. But for now we are going to put these passes somewhere safe and accessible, then ski our hearts out when it snows again, later, much much later. 
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I started skiing when I was really young, but I am not sure how my dad did it. I mean there were at least four children with him when he went skiing. I need some advice, but I am not sure of what questions to ask. Just give me any advice that sounds good or that you wish someone had told you. Please?


John and Jenny said...

Make Adam and Heather come with you and then they will help with the kids! We had all four of our kids ski/snowboard with us while we were there and the best thing we did was put them in ski school! It was awesome.

beckyc said...

Dad put you in ski school and enjoyed the half day after with you all. When you got a little better...he enjoyed all day. Those were some good times.

kmfm said...

I am so behind on your blog! How FUN!!!! I can't wait to go up with you! I am glad you bought passes for next year :)