Monday, April 11, 2011

I don't want to get out of my PJs

Exhausted doesn't even cover it
Last week was super busy of just living stuff mixed in with some super awesome stuff, see below. By the time Thursday rolled around I was like an old shovel, warn down. Sorry, normally I hate puns but I think I am still tired today. Oh and it was snowing like crazy, so much that Ko had to clean off the walks. BOO! While I was inside protesting being cold I just happened to check facebook (yeah I'm addicted, just a little though) and see a link to the Fringe Film Festival videos. Do you know what the Fringe Film Festival is? No? Well that's no surprise, it is the indie movie festival of all indie movie festivals. Its very local and very low budget, and yeah its cool. I actually wanted to "go" to the Fringe Film Festival since there were flyers all over Logan, but its more of "come to you" festival. Its all online. Cool, I get to watch new movies in my jams, eat candy, pause for the potty, and talk if I want! I am so lucky!
We watched all of the available movies at this link and you get to vote on the movie you like the best. FYI movie voting ends tomorrow (April 12) but I think you should be able to watch the movies after that. If not I believe you can watch them all on youtube at your leisure because they were all youtube format. Yeah youtube! There were some that were great, some that were good, some that were funny and some sadly that were incredible awful. Just terrible! I won't tell you what my favorites were since I don't want you to be tainted by my opinion and because I don't want you to know my guilty pleasures moo ha ha ha! So go enjoy some movies in your jams too!
Later: after some research online I found out that I can actually "go" to the Fringe Film Festival this Friday, April 15. Its kind of... well... this is what their website said:

Get your tickets to the Fringe Film Festival now at ($10 each or 2 for $15).

Four films will be shown at the final screening on April 15 at the Logan Arthouse at 8 p.m., two as decided by the professional judging panel and two as decided by the online voting community  

So, come enjoy some delicious concessions, entertaining films, comments from the directors and of course, witness the awarding of the $2,000 grand prize!

Now you decide if you want to get out of your jams or not! Enjoy nonetheless! 

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Chris and Kim said...

I never want to get out of my pajamas. I stay in them all day every day. I will have to check out the voting website. It seems like something fun to do.