Monday, April 25, 2011

Third times a charm...

Community Hunt
My kids had three Easter egg hunts this year, THREE! First one was a community hunt, the second was special sent from Gma T, and the third was at Gma C's house. By the third one they had a good handle on how to find the eggs.

Community Hunt: It was divided into age groups, each group section was littered with eggs. I was very surprised that even the shyest of kids got a huge haul. My kids came home with a lot of eggs and candy. They were so proud of themselves and had a candy binge. 
Gma T Hunt
Gma T Hunt: One Gma who lives far away, and we weren't going to see them on Easter, sent a care package full of Easter eggs (already loaded) and toys. We set them out in our backyard and hid their buckets inside. Spay wouldn't pick up the "girl colored" eggs. He would walk right over the pink and purples eggs to the blue, green, and yellow eggs. Too funny since the pink and purple eggs had money in them. After all the eggs were found they had a candy binge. Also both boys got a gummy candy snake in their basket, Math ate his, but Spay has kept it as a pet and has named it Archer. Its on our counter in its Ziploc home.
Gma C Hunt
Gma C Hunt: Lots of grandchildren around, so she color coded eggs that each kid would find. Spay had blue and Math had green, Spay having blue turned out to be somewhat weird since he usually picks orange everything. Each had fifteen eggs to find and I believe this is the FIRST Easter that we collected as many eggs as we hid. Not one egg was lost, unbelievable right? The cutest thing that happened, little cousin G was walking down the hill and leaving a trail of Easter eggs out of his basket. Too cute. Then my kids had a candy binge.

Little Cousin G and His Trail of Eggs

You would think they would be bored with finding eggs, but they weren't. They wanted more, well more candy. I thought my children were going to puke with the amount of candy they ate this weekend, but my kids can hold their sugar thats for sure. In the end I had to confiscate their candy buckets for safe keeping and for the "manager cut." It was delicious. I am pretty sure a lot of the candy will be thrown away, well, after all the good chocolate has been eaten. 

What is your favorite candies? What is the grossest ever?


Heather Cook said...

It was awesome to be with you yesturday! As always you and your beautiful fam are a breath of fresh air! Thanks for posting about Gman- It was pretty funny! Love You all!!!

The Nelsons said...

I love, love, love Easter candy. Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite. Butterfinger eggs are a close second. I don't like Peeps - they are yucky.