Monday, April 8, 2013

Blogger Guilt

I think about you.
I feel guilty.
I shove the guilt away and stop thinking about you.
I get on the computer and check other blogs.
I think about you.
I feel guilty.


Here is a post, a mini post. Dedicated to the five people who still read my blog.

First I want you to know that I have been sleeping a lot better lately. I get to bed by midnight (which is still late for most but it's better than before.) We got Netflix so I don't feel the need to hurry and finish TV shows anymore and that has helped too. I also have been fighting off some pretty stubborn colds, so that surprisingly has helped me go to bed early.

Umm... lets see... oh yeah, I have come to the conclusion that I loathe Facebook. I will be shutting down my account on May 2. One day after my 'rents get home from Russia and one day after my birthday (why should I make it harder for people to wish me happy birthday?) I am very much looking forward to this.

That is all. No more guilt, until next time.


beckyc said...

I hope I am one of the five who follow your blog...and waits for your cute updates about your family and life. What has caused this loathing of Facebook which is causing you to close your account the day after May 1st? You see I know when your birthday is and I don't need FB to remind me... What's up?
With that said... There is enough in life to cause guilt feelings...writing a blog is NOT one of them... Keeping in touch with family and friends is important and it will be wonderful to personally be in touch.
Love you and your family...can't wait to see them soon...

Brandee said...

i love your blog liz!! i so wanted to chat with you when we were at church, but i could not find you after sacrament. boo. im glad spay did that for us!!!! love you and i hope you get feeling better soon.

kmfm said...

way to go on the sleep chica! sorry about the colds though :(
I agree with was fun for a while, but it got out of control. I quit last Summer, but missed my cousins too much, so I came back, but am only "friends" with my family. It feels MUCH simpler. I did feel bad the entire time I was going through my friends and "unfriending" a lot of very nice people who I really do enjoy in real life! They need a better word than "unfriend" Anyway, go for it!
crazy weather today, huh?!? good think I washed and put away ALL our snow clothes on Saturday. whoops!

Sarah said...

I still read. I think I have about 3 readers now. Sad day. And that is awesome about FB. I wish I could, but I just can't. So I avoid it when possible. I am glad you are sleeping better, but am sorry you have been getting annoying colds.

kmfm said...

COME BACK!!! I miss you blog! I miss seeing you! Thank goodness school is starting soon so at least I can say "hi" to you!

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