Monday, January 14, 2013

My Life has the Potential to be SO Much Better

I need your help, major. I am tired, really tired. Many of you might say it is because I have a new baby to contend with. Well any other child sure, but this baby has been sleeping through the night since week two.

Unfortunately, it's me. It's all me.

I don't sleep through the night. Actually what really happens is, I don't go to bed until about 2:30 AM, sometimes 3 AM. I am not staying up for anything in particular, I usually play games, or watch movies, or just what ever. So I guess what I am asking is, how do you early nighters go to bed so early? Is there something special you do? I am up for any suggestion (barring illegal activities or medication.)

I have some pretty fun things planned this year, but if I can't seem to get out of the tired fog until after midnight, and then stay up for no reason, it's just not going to happen.

I just want some pointers, advice, remedies, etc. Anyone?


Heather Cook said...

I have a few friends with insomnia, and I know they do lots of things to try and help them sleep, so it is not something I entirely understand. But I do wake up really early to go to the gym. I wake up to eat breakfast before, and then I go to the gym. Most days I do not take a nap. When nine o'clock comes around, I am begging to go to bed. Adam knows that I wont/cant even stay awake to watch tv, I am just too exhausted. Anyway, you could try it. It may help:) Love you Lizzie!

beckyc said...

This will require a complete lifestyle change since you have never gone to bed to sleep before at least midnight or after...even when you were take it with baby night at a time...get some good fresh air...a brisk walk to get your heart racing...exercise in the morning...and tell yourself...tonight is the night I am going to go to sleep early. No video games after 8:30... Some quiet music, read scriptures, count backwards from 100 by 7's...deep breathing exercises like you do in yoga...a cup of herbal tea (chamomile but not peppermint) good luck!!

kmfm said...

Hi friend,
I know a good place where you could go exercise at the crack of dawn... ;) We miss you on Friday mornings! I know it is only once a week, but perhaps it's a start? I am sure you have read all the proper sleep strategies...get fresh air, exercise, turn off screens 2 hours before bedtime (ha ha ha), no caffeine from mid afternoon on, use the bed for sleep (and "bedroom activities") only...Wish I had some expert advice since I am an early sleeper and early riser, but I think it's just in us. I CAN'T stay awake much past 10...okay, fine...9:30. I try, but I just start yawning and falling asleep. and I CAN'T sleep past 7...okay, fine...6:30. I try, but I am just plain awake. Perhaps we could mix our sleeps and then we have the perfect combination!

I love winter, don't get me wrong, but I am excited for Summer just to see you after school more!

Hope your weekend is cozy and nice!

kmfm said...

p.s. remember that cute water bottle cozy you made me? I found another awesome use for may want to make one for yourself! I heat water and put it in a water bottle, then I put the crazy hot water bottle in your cozy and put in under Maggie's blankets in the stroller. It keeps her cozy warm, but it does not burn her!

thanks again for such a thoughtful gift!

Brandee said...

i agree with all of the comments. you could also try getting some melatonin from the grocery store. its an herbal supplement that helps us to fall asleep naturally. its what our bodies make, so im sure its okay. brooks gives it to her kiddos every once and a while. but remember it is a lifestyle change and go slowly. you will thank yourself for it and you will feel better in the long run. Good luck and im glad to see you back on here again!!!