Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saturday is a Special Day, its the Day You Make Yourself Exhausted...

The Saturday morning started very late, because I felt like sleeping in. A friend came by while I was still sleeping and gave me some Wisconsin cheese. I know what you are thinking, I live in Cache Valley, it has its own cheese company (actually there are three companies that I know of here.) However there is just something so good about Wisconsin cheese. Thanks kmfm! I am still a little embarrassed that I was still asleep when you came over.

So in the afternoon we decide to take a hike up to the Wind Caves. This is probably the most popular trail and the most hiked trail. Why? Maybe because it actually has a destination. I don't know, it's really hard!  (Tangent start: I know this is popular because I knew about this hike the first month I lived here. I can usually tell when something is really popular because I have heard about it. For those of you who don't know me, I am really out of the loop on a lot of things. :Tangent done) So we went for a hike.

Normally the kids are really good hikers. They hardly rest and basically run up mountains. But man oh man did they need a lot of pit stops. I was really frustrated and ready to turn around after about 100 yards into the hike. I mean really did they need their fruit snacks right there... okay I thought we had enough snacks, but they ended up eating mine and when I am hungry lets just say I may get slightly mean and irritable. Lesson learned, go hiking after eating pasta and take lots and lots and lots of snacks.

We made it, barely. When we got to the top, it was so anti climatic. I really wanted a brass band to be playing a congratulations song. After everything we had been through to get there I wanted to celebrate and cry at the same time. It took us three hours up and one hour down. A four hour round trip, this wasn't a hike it was an outing. I can guarantee that neither Ko or I thought it was going to take that long. Then to make matters a little more crazy we had a date planned that night. We had left our house in a complete and utter mess. Meaning we had to run down the mountain, go home, shower, eat, clean up the house, pick up the babysitter, then make it to the Utah Festival Opera Co presentation of OLIVER before they locked the doors. We made it, barely.

During intermission Ko leaned over to me and said, "I recognize a lot of these songs even though I have never seen this before." Then I replied, "Maybe because I sing them A LOT at home." Yep back in the day (3rd possibly 4th grade) I was in the play Oliver along with basically the entire school. I got to play a part for one scene. I was Nancy when she threatens to turn in everyone and hang with them. I messed up the line really bad. But when that part came on during the play, I was really excited because I really did remember the lines. It was so fantastic to see, I am very pleased with the performances! Bravo UFOC!

I wish we had gone to more plays. It's just that the plays are really expensive if you want semi decent seats. We did go to two plays one year and bought balcony seats. Never never never will I sit in the balcony again. The seats are so close together. I made the mistake of wearing a skirt and guess what, if the guy in front of me turned around it would be a very nice close up view up my skirt. So we have decided we will go to one play and sit in the orchestra seats, no matter how far away we sit. I also wear dress pants too. I could go on and on and on about that Saturday. It was incredibly crazy. I think I need to limit myself to ONE activity a day. At least while the kids are young! 


Sarah said...

I love the Wind Caves and I love plays. I also love singing Oliver songs. It was so fun to see you a few weeks ago.

beckyc said...

Oh my goodness...I got dizzy just looking at the cliffs off those caves...wasn't that pretty dangerous to take the boys up there? Scary!! But this is their grandma so I worry about things like that

John and Jenny said...

Have you gone to Willow Flats yet? You must go. It has a great hike for the kids with spring water at the top that you can drink from the mountain. It is awesome.

beckyc said...

Check Willow Flats first to see if it has such scary cliffs...enjoy the beautiful places which surround you.