Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everything Melts

Everything has the potential to melt, metal, chocolate, ice. I know my kids melt. They seem to melt when it's hot, when they are tired, when they are hungry, when they want candy, when there are lots of people around, when I am on the phone, when I am trying to have an adult conversation with someone, when I try to set up an appointment, etc etc etc. So it really shouldn't have been a surprise when they melted at the County Fair yesterday. It was combination of many things, it was hot, they were tired, there were lots of people around, and they wanted candy. Pure family joy!

The clip below is like a slide show, press play and then keep reading.  
There isn't any music and it shows most of the stuff we saw at the fair.
I didn't put this movie together so you don't have to watch it if you don't want to.

You see, I am sick. I have been for a while. I have this stupid summer cold. How am I supposed to treat a summer cold? Its totally lame. Its hot! I mean you can't eat soup, you can't cuddle under a blanket, and I can't keep the kids inside for long. It just doesn't work. Also with this cold I have what you call potential energy. POTENTIAL! That's it. When I have laid around all day I feel that I can get up and go go go! I can't, but the potential is there. That's why I thought that after nearly the whole day of rest I could go the the Cache County Fair. Oh so wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

I get there and immediately I am tired. The heat is suppressive, the smell is pungent. The boys are really happy and excited to get out of the house. We go the fire station booth. They are so happy to have plastic firemen hats. We keep walking, they are handing out a lot of free stuff. We see huge tractors. <<warning first tantrum>>> The tractors had signs on them "please stay off, do not climb" Spay was very upset. I did let him sit in a tire but he still wasn't too happy. 
This is the only place we took any pictures that day...

Then we walked around the animals (now would be a good time to check on the video, then come back.) The animals were hot, we were hot. The animals stunk, we didn't. It was interesting to see all the animals. After we were done with all the live stock we started walking around the booths again, where we got COTTON CANDY! <<warning second tantrum>> This was my second cotton candy treat this summer, but because I am sick it wasn't that good. So sad. Well we bought one GIANT cone to share. Math started crying, then he started jumping and crying, then he started yelling. What?!? Oh yeah, he wanted his own. Ummm no, well actually yes. I really love cotton candy and I thought that I would share with Math and Ko would share with Spay. Math is a gross eater and guess what, he got his own. 

I could go on and on and on AND on about all the joyous episodes my kids had. The one about not going on the rides, the one about not buying the stupid toy, the one about not wanting to go home, the one about not wanting to hold my hand while we crossed the street, the one where I was being mean to his brother. And on and on and on. I could tell you that by the time we had gotten dinner I was ready to go back to bed or sleep on the grass at the fair. I could tell you that it was a great event and you should go. 

That last one is kind of a lie. I think that there were people were enjoying themselves. Ko loved it, it brought back a lot of happy memories for him. As for me, if I have so much as a sniffle next year, I am staying home. Ko can go enjoy his trip down memory lane and all of the many many many tantrums adventures with the boys. 

Cache County Fair, may you have a good rest. Hopefully by next year I will have forgotten this day and visit you again. So long!


dcook727 said...

Without the hard days we wouldn't recognize the sweet. Joy will come.

beckyc said...

Love my lil' firemen. They look pretty hot...cute but sounds like it wasn't a great day to see the fair but it was a good enough day to get a fireman's hat and hang out in the tire of a John Deere. Count it as a wonderful experiment in patience and long suffering!