Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sidewalk Sale la la la Sidewalk Sale

We are now officially poorer than when this month started. We went to the "Great American Sidewalk Sale" Why they call it the "Great American" is beyond me.  Sure it's in America, and America is great, but really, we are in Utah, Logan for that matter, and not very many stores actually participate. Plus, its only in historic downtown Logan as opposed to regular downtown Logan. Well whatever, the sale prices were cheap and just to my liking. Unfortunately we spent more because it cost less. Sigh, the money was just burning a whole in my pocket, and I just felt obliged to spend it.

 Let it be known that I have been looking forward to this sale since last years got over. This is an annual sale that happens the second weekend of July. I was so excited to go that I made Ko take a half day of work so we could all go shopping. Plus he was looking for a new mountain bike and he had all but decided. Don't worry we got one at a killer deal at The Sportsman, seriously!

So how do I write this without it actually sounding like a giant advertisement? I have no idea. It just will since we went to lots of stores and spent lots of money.  We gave the kiddies $5 to spend on whatever they wanted, and they found some zhu zhu pets for $2.50 each at Coppins Hallmark. They were so excited they have been playing with them everyday since. Seriously cheap huh? We also bought a silk, day-glo green tie for Ko that only cost $5 at the Kater Shop. That's just how good a deal things are down there. See things are too cheap that we end up spending a lot more than we meant to.

I meant to make a vlog of it, but I still have a bit of shyness about recording myself in public places. I really wanted to but I am just not a mega narcissist yet. Someday :)
So now I am looking forward to next years "Great American Sidewalk Sale" in historic downtown Logan. Don't forget to add the historic, they get really mad if you don't! ;)


Heather Cook said...

I love spending money, I wish I had come, but then again I was broke before the month started! We LOVE Spay's haircut! He is adorable no matter what, and it made us realize how much we miss you guys! You are the best, and totally awesome, and a party to be around! Love you guys!

dcook727 said...

Your boys look great and are so engaging!!!. Great Photos. I don't care that much about shopping, it seems like an ordeal.

beckyc said...

I love your dad's comment about the boys especially under the engagment sign...I just got it. Boy, those rings the boys got must have cost a fortune! I want to know that names the boys gave to the zhu zhu pets. Anything like weally the weazle? What a fun day to spend with the family.

Chris and Kim said...

Next year I am coming for sure! I love spending money. Plus I love when things are on sale. Can't wait.

dcook727 said...

I still love these photos. Your family has really grown up.

Love Dad