Monday, July 4, 2011

Cache Valley Cruise In, such a "Drag"

Lets see. We didn't go to the actual car show. I wouldn't. It was too expensive for my taste. Okay so the prices were probably cheap compared to other car shows but it was such a gap. Kids 5-17 were $1 but older than 17 was $8. What a huge price gap. I think it was too much. I don't think they should raise the price for the kids but I think they should lower the price for adults. Well, I guess I am not willing to pay to look at silly cars I know little about while the car owner stares at me. So we went to the free parade. When I say parade I mean the cool cars drag main street for an hour and a half, then after, people in their normal cars drag main. Yep. welcome to Logan where people still drag main on Saturday nights.

During this awesome interesting dull parade (they didn't even throw candy) it was really hot! I mean I was sweating at the base of my head, in the crook of my arms, and in between my toes. So when I was ready to leave I got a big speech from Spay that we had to wait until he took a picture of his favorite car.

After I turned off the camera I got a little bit more of an explanation, "the black car with the lady in it." And here it is folks, the car we had to wait another 15 minutes to see. The photo was taken by Spay.

Check out my vlog video. I took a twenty minute loop and chopped it down to just under 5 minutes. Don't watch it in full screen, the camera work is terrible. Seriously. Okay so I am not a car lover, but still this is something that happens in Logan. Gotta love summer in Logan.


beckyc said...

You should have bought candy and threw it out (or let the kids do it) to all the people you were sitting by. (or make some fun signs that rate the cars like "hot" "not so hot" "needs repairs" etc.) Next time- go prepared to make it a fun also might want to freeze some otter pops and give them away to your neighbors, or buy some drinks and keep them cold on ice and hand them out along the way...what a nice way to celebrate the freedoms of America. Truly a land of freedom and beauty.

beckyc said...


Sarah said...

Makes me miss home a little. Oddly, I never went to the Cruise-in growing up. My hubby on the other hand... always. But he is big into cars. I think the price gap is too much too.