Saturday, November 3, 2012

What is six a half months between friends...

Where have I been all summer? Well I have been home and at the pool and cooking (that is to be taken two ways, one it was SO hot this summer and two I was so very pregnant.) As far as actual cooking, yeah right. I didn't do that this summer. I am not one to relive most things so I will not be telling you all about my summer. Sorry.

So now its fall. And things are getting crazy and slower at the same time. I now have three kids to mother and a lot of other people's schedules to follow. I no longer have guilt about staying inside most the day and I think I can finally start writing this thing again.

Just look forward to it.


beckyc said...

Hooray!!! I have missed you on here... Can't wait for an update!

John and Jenny said...

I am still waiting for the picture of your feet!