Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To my past self...

Today is Tuesday almost a week since you were supposed to post an update. What is the deal with you skipping Wednesday? It's not like it's Thursday... I could never get a handle on Thursdays. So I am just here to tell you that your week is going to have a lot of things go wrong.

Starting with painting your kitchen. It won't take you only two long days as planned. It will take you five long days. You will not get to sleep before midnight until the following Sunday. You will step on paint and make foot prints all over the floor that are a pain to clean up. Then the paint will stay on your feet until today when you will sit in the shower and scrub and scrub and scrub.

After you finish painting you will spend all day cleaning your house and putting it back together because you are having guest over for the weekend. You will clean from the moment you wake up until five minutes before they get here.

You do have a great time with your guests. The sun is shining and you get to go down to Salt Lake City and eat at 5 Guys Burgers and shop at Pottery Barn Kids. Then you learn a new card game named Uker, it's hard to explain but simple to play. You lose miserable every time you play.

On Sunday when the minutes are rushing past and you were going to be on time to church for the first time this year, something terrible happens. You put a whole in your tights... just throw them away... fixing them will lead to black nail polish spilled all over your bedroom carpet. The smell is stronger than your recently painted walls. The whole family was late for church.

Finally on Tuesday as you are blow drying your hair, with the intent of actually getting ready for the day, your blow dryer will explode and trip the fuse in the breaker box. Fortunately you had your house rewired last year and instead of your whole house being out just your bathroom is and you know how to flip the switch.

Also you were supposed to take your kids skiing today but it's sun-shining and you just don't want to.

Good luck tomorrow when you are supposed to post, think of something great to write about. I am pretty sure since you lived this week that I am warning you about, you will find the fun things that happened too.


kmfm said...

that sounds like a nutty week! BUT, I LOVE your kitchen wall color!!!! such a happy bright kitchen! Our kitchen is also a similar color...we have a happy blue bird hanging in our window. a sweet girl used to sell them at the market, but she moved south of SLC. She still sells them online. It would work great with your awesome decoration Here is her link: http://glitzyglassstars.blogspot.com/

beckyc said...

Wow...you really had a week of the wierd...however I agree with kmfm and I love the color of your kitchen...just tell me if your whipped cream looks green when you eat it. :) As far as the nail polish...time for the carpet to get a trim...carefully cut the color off where you can...You remember after we moved into our brand new house in Feb. and in April you and TS spilled bright red or pink fingernail polish on our light tan carpet??? Can I just tell you...I am sorry this happened to you and "no sense crying over spilled nail polish" :) Hope you have a better week...did you say the Sun was Shining??? Go outside and enjoy! This week is looking up all ready

Tiffany said...

It was peach but whatever! We had to break in your house in style. I love the color of your kitchen! It is so pretty.