Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pounders vs 808 Pounders

We drove by and missed the restaurant twice. Once on the way (oops, we missed it, turn around) and the other on the way back (we just passed it again, turn around.) Its just not a good location, 473 South Main Street. Its right at the blah part of main street. Okay I am not a professional restaurant/food critic, I mean I am critical of my food, but thats completely different. This is just something uniquely available in Logan.
That being said if you judge a restaurant by its decor, this place was a dive. It was clean though and it was cold cold cold in there, super AC! It looked like a locals only shop where locals like to eat, with Aggie stuff and LHS stuff all over. Its just missing the locals.
Honestly I thought it was the type of restaurant to be featured in a comedy or drama, you know, family owned, struggling to make it and then miraculously everyone finds out how fantastic the food is, then bang they are a locals treat, a real find. So here is the real story... as told by the cashier. It was owned by a local family, when it was known as Pounders, but they went bankrupt. Now the new owners raised the prices, dishonored the outstanding gift cards/coupons, and changed the name to 808 Pounders. However, the new owners kept all the old employees and the chef. SO its the same, kind of.

I will say it was good, really good. We enjoyed our meal thoroughly and actually kept saying how great it is throughout eating it. I mean the decor does not match the fabulous taste of the food. It was just good. One thing to avoid, Musubi, unless you like spam. Also a funny way that I judge restaraunts is whether I get food poinsoning afterwards, so far so good! I think that is the fairest way to judge, yeah? 

Musubi: Seaweed, sticky rice, spam
I will cautiously recommend this place to eat if you ever find yourself in Logan. Go with little expectations and come away very satisfied. 

Oh yeah, I found this link on Youtube, it must have been recorded in its hay day but you should check out their youtube advertisement. Our dining experience was nothing like it, but you will get the gist of what it looks like in there. 


Kori said...

The rice, pork, and chicken were awesome, definitely worth going to back for again and again!!

Mama Nut said...

Never been there. That spam thing looks a little suspicious... but then again not a fan of Spam. Sounds like it might be fun to try out, though!