Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cold Hard Cache

This morning (and when I say this morning I mean midnight on…) I spent three hours looking at youtube postings of people living in Japan, London, Australia, New York, etc… anywhere but here. I know for a fact that I have wanderlust, a term I use to describe my constant cry to get out of Utah. I always wanted to experience a lot of different cultures, except my own. Why was I always looking for adventure in other places? I always question why people would want to move here when there are so many OTHER places to live. I don’t get it since I have spent many many days dreaming of getting out. SO it is my goal this year to find out what is great about the place where I already live and my culture… but what is the culture of Northern Utah? Uh I don’t know, I just know that this is culture, perspective, and experience by me. 


John and Jenny said...

Welcome to the blogging universe! I look forward to your many posts.

beckyc said...

Go take the boys to Aggie Ice Cream and live the dream. Freedom to actually ride your bikes or walk to where you want to go. No traffic jams to get to Lee's, Mountains for hiking or biking, real next door neighbors who might even know your name. It's a "beautiful day in the neighborhood."

I blogged my pants! said...

You can look for my neices at county fairs, i.e. Bear Lake, Cache, Northern Utah... They show simmental cattle, and can teach you everything you thought you'd never need to know about show cattle.
One of my favorite things about being next to Logan Canyon is the drive over to get a raspberry shake. Have you ever taken the backroads from Logan to Preston? It's pretty.I'll keep thinking.